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Many 'relationship problems' are really the unrecognized natural growth processes of emotionally committed relationships. Marriage is a people-growing machine.

- Dr. David Schnarch

Single, Dating & Young Couples

Whether single, dating, engaged or expecting a first child, the natural growth processes at these stages can, and for most of us will, be a challenge. If you are currently in a relationship, I help both partners understand how your individual stories led you to each other, and how your inevitable difficulties can become opportunities for growth.

If you're single, I will help you get clear on what you're looking for in a partner, and what may be getting in your way. You may not be sure you are ready for marriage, or if your partner is the one. Many of us come from families with a lot of divorce, or just a lot of unhappiness. It's hard to expect, or even hope for, something better than what you've seen. I help men and women see through these challenges. There's reason to be hopeful. There's reason to be excited.